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Book Club Audio Recommends: The Angels Wept by Jack Roney

 The Angels Wept by Jack Roney

An absolute cracker of an Audiobook, "The Angels Wept" is the first instalment of The Detective Jarrod O'Conner Series. Written by Ex-Detective Jack Roney, this Crime/Thriller has a deadly precision when it comes to the genre of Crime.

Roney runs workshops for Crime Authors to get their details as specific to the industry as possible. A Crime Thriller written by a Law Man, you can't get better than that.

"The Angels Wept" was Roney's first foray into the genre, more as a tool to process the sad cases he experienced in the job. This audiobook, set in a small rural Australian town, gets right into the thick of it. Murder, mayhem and the occult make for one harrowing tale.

"The Angels Wept" is the First book in the Detective Jarrod O'Connor trilogy. Roney backs this up with "The Demons Woke" and "The Shadows Watch", due for release soon.

The narration is excellent and absolutely in alignment with the story, taking the listener deep into this harrowing tale, dragging them to hell and back.

Highly Recommended.


Was he born evil, an abomination of human nature? A death pact and shocking betrayal. A story of heartache, resilience and innocence lost.

A shocking double homicide. A detective racing against time to protect three innocent lives. A madman is on the loose. He won't stop until his destiny is fulfilled.

Set in the rural Australian town of Lockyer, all is not what is seems for Jarrod O'Connor, a detective battling his own demons as he is drawn deeper into this baffling case. Three children witness the brutal murder of their parents and barely escape with their own lives. They hold the key to breaking the case wide open. A desperate killer is on the loose, hell bent on revenge. However Jarrod soon discovers the killer may not be acting alone - others share his delusions and taste for immortality. Jarrod forms a strong bond with the children who he must protect at the risk of placing his own family in danger.

Jarrod pieces together the clues until his final confrontation with the killer and the shocking climax.

- Listening time 9 Hours -

Interview with the Author: Jack Roney


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