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Is your manuscript prepared to be a professional, market-ready audiobook?

Book Club Audio provides full production, from manuscript to polished product, ready for distribution and aligned with ACX guidelines.

Publish your audiobook on bookclubaudio.com in a non-exclusive agreement and receive 50% of the retail price on each sale.


Looking for Full Service Produciton and Publishing?

Audiobook Production

Pricing begins at Aus $500 per finished hour.

*Finished hour is approx. 9800 words spoken.


  • Consultation on Plot, Characters, and Vision
  • Studio priority
  • Narration
  • Edits/Notes
  • Post Production
  • Delivery of Audiobook
  • Uploading to Book Club Audio

Submit your manuscript for consideration, if it's well-reviewed or a dynamite first offering.

*Book Club Audio does not facilitate distribution to other platforms on behalf of authors.


Who narrates my Audiobook?

Chris Miller is an Australian actor, voice over artist and audiobook narrator with 2.5 decades experience and the Founder of Book Club Audio.

If you wish to have a different narrator, you will need to have them produce it for you and then it can be published on bookclubaudio.com

We will be expanding our portfilio of Narrators in the future.


Already have a finished audiobook and want to join Book Club Audio?

Awesome, we'd love to help you get your work to the masses. If your work is high-quality, meets ACX guidelines, and not contracted to an exclusive agreement, get in touch for consideration.

Drive traffic to your audiobook and start earning from your creativity.

*Due to the amount of high-quality submissions we receive, we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.


Non-Exclusive Distribution Agreement.

As the agreement with Book Club Audio is non-exclusive, feel free to enter into other non-exclusive agreements with other distributors like Audible, Spotify and the like, or sell directly from your own website.

*Book Club Audio does not publish hate speech or highly offensive material. Please see our terms and conditions for details.


Drive traffic and make sales, start earning from your audiobook.

Book Club Audio will prepare cover art, sample audio of your title and links for you to use to promote your title.

Sales Revenue is split 50/50 with Book Club Audio.

All parties are responsible for their own taxes.

The sales split on Book Club Audio is substantially higher than the royalty structures of the big retail platforms that pay authors and narrators cents on the dollar.

Distribute your title on big retail platforms to achieve organic traffic and drive your own fans to Book Club Audio to achieve higher returns.

We can't wait to bring your story to life.

...and make your vision a reality.