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PROVIDENCE by Stephen Irwin

Audiobook Two in the Contention Trilogy, Narrated by Chris Miller

Logan Weston returns in Audiobook 2 of the Contention Trilogy. 

When billionaire reality TV show king Howard Irwin announces he has cloned 21 of the past century’s world champion racehorses and plans to race them against each other in a globally televised reality show, the racing and sporting world go crazy. The clones are now three years old and ready to race to determine who really is the Champion of Champions.

Howard enlists three high-profile racehorse trainers – Logan Weston, Angus Masters, and ex-baseball star and rookie racehorse trainer Lance Holyfield – to put in front of the cameras. For the past 18 months, Logan and Angus have been slugging it out on and off the track and have brought life back into the racing game. Lance Holyfield, with his boy-next-door image and high-tech training style, is determined he has the goods to beat them both.

- Listening time 10 Hours -

- Full Trilogy 30+ Hours -

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Aussie Yarn

Refreshingly good Aussie storytelling with all its charm and unpretentious style

The filmic series continues...bring on the next one!

This stirring sequel to Contention is another great yarn for horse-lovers and book lovers.
A great way to make the commute go faster (so engrossed I almost missed my stop!)
This one deals with some darker matter too.
I laughed, I cried - I gave certain characters a well-deserved TELLING OFF!!
This author has struck gold with his narrator - they make a dream team!
Like any great saga series - bring on the next one!