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CONTENTION Australian Audio Series

CONTENTION Australian Audio Series

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A 30 hour series written by hands-on horseman Stephen Irwin, with over 40 years' experience in the Australian racing industry. The exhilaration, triumphs and tragedies of horse racing in a book series that will captivate you from the very start. Narrated by Chris Miller.

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by Stephen Irwin

Book 1 - Contention

Book 2 - Providence

Book 3 - Retribution

Narrated by Chris Miller

The TV series Dallas meets Yellowstone in an Australian series about the ‘Sport of Kings.’

The Contention audiobook series is based on the world of horse racing and will intoxicate readers who love adventure, sport, crime and mystery. It will even capture lovers of romance.

Audiobook one “Contention” introduces Logan Weston, a down-on-his-luck Australian racehorse trainer who is finally given a shot at greatness by the Baker Racing empire in Newmarket England. Angus Masters, his arrogant training arch rival born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has kicked Logan in the guts one too many times.

Will he succeed? Can Logan rise to the top, heal his past and set himself up for life?

- Full Trilogy 30+ Hours -

A Message from the Author...

Born and bred into the thoroughbred industry basically from day one. I spent the last 38 years as a hands on horseman breeding, raising, preparing, pre-training thoroughbred horses. In that time I work for some of the very best breeding farms in Australia in every role. My passion was preparing thoroughbred yearlings ( 1 year old) for sale.

Growing up on the land I enjoyed so many adventures and many are relived in the Contention book series. For example the cattle work Logan does on the race horses my father did all the time. So many of the horseman side of things is based from what i learnt from my father and what I have also passed down to other horseman and women.

I now juggle manufacturing horse equipment, making sculptures and writing.

On the cover of Contention is a sculpture I made called 'Taking the Plunge" it won a major award and now sits at the front and center in a sculpture park in Mudgee NSW Australia. That's actually me in the middle and as well on the cover of book 5 Resilience as well.

In the 38 years I spent in the thick of the Sport Of Kings I rubbed shoulders unknowingly with some shady characters that's for sure. So the names have changed and the story somewhat but 'yeah' if you only knew some of the story behind the characters.

Enjoy the read, and feel free to reach out and touch base and also send me your reviews. Remember I write because I have to, as this is more than just a passion to me, but I also write to help take you out of your head and entertain you.

All the best

Stephen Irwin

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