I love my new audiobook, can I leave a review?

Of course. We would love that and be very grateful for the feedback. A request for a review is automatically sent to your email address 14 days after purchase. If you wish to review sooner, please visit the product page of your purchase and fill in the review section. Thank you.

How can I listen to my audiobook?

The simplest way to listen to your new audiobook is to open the folder, choose a chapter and click on it. It will automatically play with your devices inbuilt media player.

Advanced users can import the folder/files into their media player as a playlist.

*If you have an older device, you may need to visit the app store and install a media player.

Should I listen with headphones or speakers?

That's totally up to you, each creates a different listening experience.

With head phones on and volume at a lower level, the listening experience can be more intimate and meditative.

Playing through speakers is a wonderful way to share audiobooks with friends and family. If you are listening through an amplified speaker system, it is the perfect way to experience the full tone and dynamic range of the narrators voice and feel the vibrations in your body. 

Both are great ways to listen to your new audiobook. 

Why is my download taking so long, does the audiobook have to be so big?

Our focus is on sound quality. Our titles are the highest possible sound quality for an MP3 download. The stats are: 320kbps/ 44100hz/ 24 bit. Compare that to an Audible title at 64kbps and our titles are vastly more clear and de-void of audio artifacts and noise. This ensures an audio experience for the listener of the highest quality in alignment with the original work.

You may say, "it's only voice, who cares?", yet the specific frequencies in our narrators voice are what sets our audio titles apart from the rest. A truly immersive audio experience, sure to impress the most finicky audiophile. We would have delivered the title in uncompressed Wav format for a completely lossless audio experience, yet that would've made the files 10 times larger than they already are. We believe we have made the right compromise to deliver to you the highest possible sound quality.

Enjoy your high quality audio when it arrives, the wait will be worth it.

* We recommend downloading your title when connected to WiFi. Additionally, downloading to a desktop or laptop computer first may help with download speed and storage.

I've downloaded my audiobook, where is my password?

At the time of purchase an email was sent to you with your password, it may have gone to your spam folder. For a new password please email support at:

How do I extract/unzip the downloaded folder to get my audiobook?

Each operating system has it's own quirks, yet the process is the same for Smart Phones/ Laptop/ Tablet and PC. Just press on the folder, choose unzip or extract, make sure you know where the folder will be saved on your device and input the password supplied with your purchase.

The password must match precisely to open the contents.

The audiobook will be saved on your device in the default location of your device. can not specify which location the files are stored, your device will do that automatically. Then move the folder to a preferred location or Import Album into your Media Player.

IPhone Instructions

Android Instructions

*If you are on an older device, you may need to go to your app store and install an unzipping/extractor app. 

Why are the audiobook files password protected?

Piracy is a 96 Billion dollar industry. Research suggests that simply password protecting content can deter pirates and they will move on to an easier target. Of course if they want the content, there is not much stopping them.

We apologise for the inconvenience, yet protecting our artists work is a priority to us. Thank you for understanding. Enjoy your audiobook.

I pressed download file and nothing happened

If this has occured then it is highly likely your are attempting to download your title on an iPhone or iPad. This is an apple product process and we wish we could make this more simple for you, yet it is how iPhones and iPads work. 

Here is a video to help you to download any file on an iPhone or iPad. Thank you.

If you have used up your 3 download attempts, please send an email to hq@bookclubaudio and we will provide more download attempts for you to work through the following instructions and have you listening to your audiobook today.

Download instructions for iPhone and ipad

Reach out for more.