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"The stakes are raised to a whole new level. Grab the reins and hang on - You're in for a bumpy ride."
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by Stephen Irwin

Audiobook Three in the Contention Trilogy

Narrated by Chris Miller

When down-and-out Aussie horse trainer Logan Weston drove an uppercut into rival trainer Angus Masters, his whole world changed forever. He joined Baker Racing in the UK and, under their banner, swiftly became the most successful trainer in the world.

Fast forward two years later and Logan Weston, Angus Master and new trainer Lance Holyfield are about to go head-to-head racing the clones of some of history’s greatest racehorses in a new reality TV show. The clones and their trainers are beamed live to the world 24/7 on the reality TV show owned by US billionaire, Howard Irwin.

Angus Masters will stop at nothing to defeat Logan, even Murder. Immerse your self in the the Under Belly of the cut throat world of the Professional Horse Racing industry. Can Logan rise to the top or will Angus succeed in destroying everthing.

The riveting conclusion to the Contention Trilogy.

- Listening time 10 Hours -

- Full Trilogy 30+ Hours -

Customer Reviews

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A riveting tale and effortless narration. What a craic!

The stakes are raised to a whole new level in this 3rd instalment of the Logan Weston series.
Another riveting and surprising tale from the author with all the loving detail of a seasoned horseman; and this narrator only gets better - if that’s possible - his effortless shift between characters is so deftly handled - he can even laugh in Irish! Ha! What a great craic.
Grab the reins and hang on - you’re in for a bumpy ride.